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Total Football League


Article I – Organization


Total S.A., a French société anonyme with a share capital of €6,604,536,935.00, headquartered at 2 place Jean Millier, 92400 Courbevoie, France, registered in the Nanterre Business Register under the number 542 051 180 (hereafter “the Organizer”), is holding a large-scale contest in connection with the 2020 Total CAF Champions League from March 2, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. CET to November 7, at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) CET, with no money at stake (hereafter “the Contest”), accessible at (hereafter “the Website”).



Article II – Contest Terms and Conditions of Entry


The Contest is open to anyone who has reached the age of majority at the time of participation and having Internet access on that date, as well as a personal account at the Website and an email address at which the participant can be contacted for purposes of administering the Contest (hereafter “the Participant”).


Any person who does not have a personal account at the Website and wishes to participate in the Contest may create an account using Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect or Google Connect or by providing his or her full name, valid email address, password, country of residence and date of birth directly at the Website.


The following persons are barred from participating in the Contest: persons under the age of majority (depending on their nationality); employees of SCP Abrahmi Blanchet Joubert, Huissiers de Justice, 56/58 Avenue Jean Jaurès, BP56, 92210 Clamart Cedex, France; and, in general, any person who directly or indirectly participated in developing the Contest as well as household members (i.e., persons having the same last name and postal address) of any person in the aforementioned categories.


In order to take part, each Participant must have a valid, permanent (not temporary) email address. In particular, temporary and/or anonymous email addresses (such as addresses ending in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.) and email addresses derived from domains created and/or registered in response to the Contest shall be considered invalid.

Any participation via multiple email addresses linked to the same individual and/or via an email address opened on behalf of another individual is prohibited.


Your participation must comply with all of the foregoing provisions to be considered eligible. In that regard, the Organizer reserves the right to take all necessary steps to verify the identity, age and contact information of each Participant. Any incomplete, erroneous or falsified information, or information from which it is impossible to identify or locate the Participant, will render his or her participation null and void.


Article III – Terms and Conditions for Registering and Participating in the Contest


To participate, each Participant must proceed as follows between the Contest start and end dates (based on the login time and date in mainland France):


  • Visit the Website and sign in to their account.

  • Click on the “Play!” button. 

  • Check the box indicating acceptance of these rules and regulations.

  • Make one or more predictions. Once confirmed, Participants are then taken to the “Predictions” page. Based on their login date, they may predict the outcome of one or more matches, depending on the day, in the Total CAF Champions League. They will indicate the winning team by selecting Team 1 or Team 2, or they may choose a draw (by clicking on N).

  • Confirm their prediction(s) by clicking on the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page. Participants may participate and change their prediction for a match up until 30 minutes before that match’s kick-off. Only predictions confirmed 30 minutes before the kick-off will be taken into account in the Contest.



The outcome of the match that determines the winning participants is the score after regulation time, including stoppage time (two 45-minute halves and the additional minutes granted by the referee for stoppage time due to substitutions, injuries, etc.), and excluding extra time and penalty shootouts (hereafter the “Prediction period”).

In other words, Participants may be ineligible to win even if their prediction is correct after extra time and/or penalty shootouts, because only the results after regulation time (solely including stoppage time) are used to determine the winner.

For example: Thirty minutes before the match kick-off, the Participant predicts that Team 1 will be the winner. After regulation time, the match is a draw. During extra time, Team 1 scores a goal.
The Participant will not be named a winner, because the final score after regulation time is a draw.



Article IV – Procedures for Determining and Notifying the Winner



4.1 Determining the Winner 


For the duration of the Contest, the Participants will be ranked overall based on the number of points they obtain:


10 points for each quarterfinal match they correctly predict.

70 points for each semifinal match they correctly predict.

100 points for each final match they correctly predict.


At the end of the contest, the Participant obtaining the most points will be named the winner (hereafter the Winner) and win the prize specified in Article V.


If it is impossible to determine the Winner automatically (notably if several Participants are tied), the Organizer will conduct a random drawing to determine the Winner.


For example, at the end of the 2020 Total CAF Champions League, four (4) Participants are tied in first place. The Organizer shall then randomly select a winner from among the four Participants. The first name drawn shall win the VIP package.


4.2 Notification of the Winner 


The Winner will be informed of his or her prize within approximately one week of the Contest’s conclusion via a confirmation email sent to the email address indicated when creating his or her account at He or she will then have three (3) days from the email date to confirm acceptance of his or her prize.

If the Winner fails to confirm his or her express acceptance within that time, or if he or she expressly waives his or her prize, he or she will lose all rights to the prize and may not claim it at a later date. In such a case, the Organizer will not conduct a new random drawing and will not award the specified prize to another Participant.


Participants must confirm their predictions prior to the Contest deadline (date and time) to be considered.


Participants who do not win will not be notified to that effect. 


Article V – Prize


Depending on his or her position in the rankings and any random drawings, the Winner will be awarded the following prize:


First-place winner (or the first winner drawn at random in the event of a tie):


One VIP package for two worth an estimated total amount of €3,000 (three thousand euros) including tax, comprising:

  • Two VIP tickets for the final of the 2021 Total Africa Cup of Nations (location and date to be specified later).

  • Round trip in economy class from the winner’s city of residence to the city where the match is being held (the Organizer will determine the appropriate means of transportation depending on the distance to be traveled).

  • At least one night’s accommodation in a standard double room (depending on the winner’s city of residence) to view the final of the 2021 Total Africa Cup of Nations (location and date to be specified later).

  • Transfers between the hotel and the stadium. The Organizer will determine the means of transportation.

This prize consists only of what is described above; nothing else is included.


To claim this prize, the winner and guest must:


  • Have a passport that is valid on the date of February 6, 2021 and for a period of six months thereafter.

  • Have obtained a visa from the government of the host nation, except for nationals of countries for which no visa is required.

  • Be in good standing with the relevant governments and authorities, allowing them to travel to and in and stay in the country where the match is being held.

  • Have all up-to-date vaccines required by the government of the host nation.

  • Be in possession of a certificate of liability insurance for the winner and his or her guest.


The Winner acknowledges he or she is cognizant of the above and releases the Organizer from any liability in this regard.


The stated value of the aforementioned prize corresponds to the usually charged or estimated list price, including tax, as of the date these rules and regulations were established. It is provided for reference purposes only and is subject to change.


The prize awarded may not be challenged in any way by the Winner. The prize is non-transferable and will not be exchanged by the Organizer for its monetary value in cash or in kind, in whole or in part. However, in the event of force majeure as defined by statute or case law, the Organizer reserves the right to replace the prize it has awarded with one of an equivalent nature and value.


Article VI – Procedures for Presenting and Using the Prize


The Organizer will contact the Winner concerning his or her travel arrangements. The Winner will receive the tickets to attend the Total CAN 2021 final in person at the venue. Any incomplete or inaccurate contact information will be considered invalid and will prevent the Winner from obtaining his or her prize.


The Organizer shall under no circumstances be held liable for any incident and/or accident that may occur during the use of the prize it has awarded.


In the event that the Winner chooses not to assume possession or make use of the prize awarded in whole or in part, or is unable to do so, under the conditions described in these rules and regulations, he or she shall be deemed to have waived in full his or her entitlement to the prize and may not claim any compensation or consideration from the Organizer in that regard.


Article VII – Statutory Filing and Requests for Rules and Regulations


These rules and regulations have been filed with the practice of SCP Abrahmi Blanchet Joubert, Huissiers de Justice, 56/58 Avenue Jean Jaurès, BP56, 92210 Clamart Cedex, France (hereafter “the Practice”). The same will be true of any amendment to these rules and regulations.


The rules and regulations are available at the Website or may be requested by mail in a letter postmarked before midnight on June 2, 2020, at the following address (hereafter “the Contest Address”):




Corporate Communications – Brand & Advertising

2 place Jean Millier, La Défense 6

92400 Courbevoie, France



Article VIII – Compliance with the Terms and Conditions for Participation


By entering the Contest, participants agree to be bound by these rules and regulations in their entirety.


The Organizer reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data provided by the Participants. Any Participant who fails to comply with the terms and conditions for participation set forth herein or, in general, provides inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent information will be disqualified from the Contest. No consideration will be given to requests made by phone or in writing regarding the interpretation or application of these rules and regulations, the Contest procedures or the name of the Winner.


The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, extend, postpone or cancel the Contest for any reason or to modify the Contest’s terms and conditions for entry and/or operating procedures, on the condition that an amendment to that effect is filed with the Practice.


Article IX – Intellectual Property


Any names or trademarks cited in these rules and regulations or on any promotional media connected with the Contest shall remain the exclusive property of their owner or holder.


Article X - Liability


The Organizer’s liability is strictly limited to the delivery of a prize that was actually and validly won, under the conditions set forth in Articles IV and VI of these rules and regulations.


It is expressly stipulated that the Internet is not a secure network. Accordingly, by entering the Contest, Participants acknowledge that they know and accept the properties and limitations of the Internet, particularly with regard to technical performance; the response times for consulting, querying or transferring information and data; the risk of disruption and more broadly the risks inherent in any Internet connection and transmission; the lack of protection for certain data against possible misuse; and the risks of being infected by viruses circulating on the Internet.


Therefore, the Organizer may not be held liable in particular for any virus infection or third-party intrusion in the terminal used by the Participants in the Contest, and disclaims any responsibility for the consequences incurred by the Participants while connected to the Internet via the Website.


Specifically, the Organizer may not be held liable for any injury caused to the Participants, their computer hardware and the data stored therein, or for any possible consequences with respect to their personal or professional activity. It is the responsibility of Participants to take all appropriate measures to protect their data and/or software stored or installed on their computer hardware against an attack of any kind. Users bear sole liability for their connection to the Website and participation in the Contest.


Moreover, the Organizer disclaims responsibility for any malfunction of the Internet, telephone lines or receiving equipment that disrupts the normal course of the Contest.


The Organizer may not be held liable if one or more Participants is unable to connect to the Website or compete in the Contest as a result of a technical problem or defect related to heavy network traffic.


Lastly, the Organizer may not be held liable for any injury caused to third parties or the rights of third parties by the Participants. Insofar as, by its nature, the Internet carries information that may be freely captured and used by third parties in ways that may be unbeknown to the Organizer and difficult or indeed impossible to monitor, the Organizer may not be held liable for any fraudulent use of the login rights or prize eligibility of a Winner unless it can be shown to be guilty of gross misconduct.


The Organizer will do its utmost to ensure access to the Contest via the Website at all times, but will be under no obligation to do so.


The Organizer may suspend access to the Website at any time, notably for technical reasons or to install updates or perform maintenance. The Organizer shall bear no responsibility of any kind for any such suspension of access or its consequences.


Moreover, the Organizer may not be held liable for any malfunction of the Internet, misdelivery or loss of regular or electronic mail or damage caused by the postal services.


In general, the Organizer may cancel all or part of the Contest if it deems that fraud of any kind has occurred, especially related to information technology, in connection with participation in the Contest or the determination of the Winner. In such a case, it reserves the right to refrain from awarding the prize to a person engaging in fraud and/or to pursue legal action against the perpetrators of fraud in the competent courts. It may not be held liable by Participants in any way for any fraud that may be committed.


Article XI – Force Majeure


In general, the Organizer may not be held liable in the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances beyond its control (such as technical problems) that disrupt the Contest’s organization and management in such a way that the Contest is shortened, extended, postponed, modified or canceled.


For the purposes of these rules and regulations, force majeure means any event that is unforeseen, insurmountable and beyond the Organizer’s control, so as to exempt it from its liability or release it from its obligations, in accordance with the case law of France’s Court of Cassation.


Article XII – Attributes


By participating in the Contest, the Winner authorizes the Organizer to use his or her full name, at no cost, for promotional purposes at the website


Article XIII – Data Protection


The personal data provided by the Participants will be processed electronically by the Organizer.


The Organizer will use the personal data it collects in connection with the Contest to manage participation in the Contest, contact the Winner and award his or her prize, and also to compile a database for purposes of commercial solicitation, subject to the prior consent of those involved. The data shall be retained for such time as is necessary for the aforementioned purposes.


For the purposes of administering the Contest, the data shall be passed on to Total Marketing Services and, if necessary, to its affiliates, and to our partner Publicis Sport.


In accordance with current laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data, Participants have the right to access, rectify and erase their personal data. They may formally object to the processing of their personal data, and are entitled to stipulate how said personal data should be handled after their death. Participants may also set limits on the processing of their data and/or submit a complaint to CNIL, France’s data protection authority. Participants may exercise their rights by contacting the Organizer using the contact form available at the Website, at [email protected] or at the following mailing address:


Total S.A.

Corporate Communications – Brand & Advertising

2 place Jean Millier, La Défense 6

92400 Courbevoie, France


Participants may address questions about protecting their personal data to a member of the personal data team at [email protected].

[email protected].



Article XIV –  Dispute Resolution, Governing Law and Assignment of Jurisdiction


If one or more provisions in these rules and regulations are declared null and void and/or inapplicable, the other provisions shall retain their full force and scope.


The Participants unconditionally acknowledge that by participating in the Contest they automatically become subject to French law, notably with regard to any dispute that may arise directly or indirectly from the Contest described herein, notwithstanding any conflict-of-law rules that may exist.

In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the Contest, the Organizer and the Participant shall attempt to reach an amicable solution. No challenge will be admissible more than two (2) months after the Organizer has concluded the Contest. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute shall be brought before the competent French courts, as provided for in the French Code of Civil Procedure.