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The TotalEnergies African Nations Championship, Algeria 2022 delivered its verdict on Saturday 4 February 2023 with the victory of Senegal at the end of the suspense.

A number of surprises and an unprecedented champion

The 4 stadiums of the competition (Algiers, Oran, Constantine and Annaba) were the stage for many surprising and historic performances, notably from Mauritania, Madagascar and Niger. The latter two teams reached the semi-finals for the first time in their history and faced each other in the match for the first place which finally allowed Madagascar to climb on the third step of the podium.


The final match between Algeria, the host country, and Senegal was a long-drawn-out affair. Indeed, 120 minutes were not enough to decide between the two teams. Algeria, having not conceded a goal in the game, saw its nets tremble for the first time in the penalty shoot-out. The exercise eventually benefited the Senegalese team who achieved the doubles after their victory at the AFCON TotalEnergies, Cameroon 2021.


List of Winners


Key figures

Year of the first edition

Number of matches played at the CHAN TotalEnergies, Algeria 2022

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Number of goals scored during the competition

Trophies awarded to the TotalEnergies Man of the Match (32) and the TotalEnergies Man of the Competition (1)