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For millions of Africans, football is more than just a sport; it’s a moment of celebration and an expression of collective joy. Our activation program—Football Together—offers a different perspective on football, one that goes beyond the sport as a competition and celebrates the rich diversity of African football. 

The program brings the real-world excitement of the football stadium into the digital realm—through a website and on social media—using the universal expressions of music and dance to entertain fans across Africa and around the world. As part of the program, we’ve decided to create a Football Together song, to celebrate the continent’s lively passion for football.

Focusing on the human element of sport

Football Together offers fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including off-pitch scenes during matches, warm-ups, a web series on how to experience football in different African cities, as well as excusive off-the-field content during major football events across the continent. Fans are encouraged to join the discussion online, where they can celebrate African football through stories and features that focus on the human side of the sport.

The activities proposed online and on social media include the Total Social Stadium, where influencers and ambassadors bring you all the excitement, live from the social room in the stadium. For those interested in match predictions, Total Football League gives fans the opportunity to select winning teams, while Total Man of the Match allows them to predict the top player in each game. 

Sharing the dreams of ball kids

The Total Ball Kids program is an initiative to recruit five kids from across Africa to become ball kids at the final of the continent’s biggest event, the Total Africa Cup of Nations. As part of Football Together, we are bringing their stories to our fans on social media, to relive the dreams of these children. 

A million-strong fan following

Football Together’s Facebook page is one of the most-visited pages on African football, with over a million followers, and its Twitter account is a popular destination for members of the African diaspora who want to stay tuned with football on the continent. An Instagram account was launched in August 2018 and it already has over 4,000 followers. 


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